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Equipment rental

It is possible to rent various equipment from ENL, which are useful in organizing most events, whether it is a general meeting of a small organization or a large public event.

  • Data projector – 25 € for a day (24 h)
  • Screen 15 € for a day (24 h)
  • Loudspeaker 5 € for a day (24 h)
  • Radio transmitters 10 € for a day (24 h)
  • Marking machine (the diameter of the mark is 57 mm) – 10 € for 24 h (the price of a blank mark is 0.40 €)
  • ENL office can be used for meetings (there is a projector, WiFi, small kitchenette), max 15 people – 110 € per 5-8 h or 20 € per 1 h

How to rent?

  1. Let us know of Your wish to rent at least 48h beforehand.
  2. Fill the following form.
  3. We will get in contact with You.
  4. You can receive the equipment from ENL’s office (Estonia pst 5a).
  5. When arriving to pick up the equipment, we will fill a contract with You.


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Moderator Service

It is possible to order the services of a moderator from ENL to different discussions or events. Whether it is a debate between political parties or the entertaining evening part of a traditional event, where critical questions need to be asked and the views of different parties need to be clarified. We are of help in both planning and implementation processes. Price: 75 – 200 €. The exact price will be determined in negotiating with the organizers. (The price includes VAT and transportation costs.)

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Schoolings and trainings

ENL offers trainings on youth involvement, grassroot level participation, basic management knowledge, teamwork, public speaking, communication and social media. We offer trainings for free in our network, but everyone can order them from us. When ordering, the price of the training depends on agreements, but it is not more expensive than 200 €.

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