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ENL offers its member organisations both guardianship and several opportunities for cooperation and development:

  • guardianship at both national and local levels

  • network, cooperation opportunities and contacts – almost 120 youth organisations (youth associations and participatory assemblies) are involved in ENL to a greater or lesser extent, operating across Estonia and involving thousands of young people in their activities.

  • Via ENL, one may find new and useful partners either for a single project or for a longer period of time.

  • development activities and a number of trainings;

  • counselling and support in daily work;

  • various discounts on the services and products of cooperation partners support in publishing information about your organisation;

  • chance to participate in projects in abroad;

In order for the information between the member and the ENL office to flow better and the communication to be smoother, each member has a contact person who is a member of the association (management board) or a volunteer who:

  • is responsible for the communication between ENL and the association;
  • mediates information between ENL and the association;
  • represents the association at ENL events (incl. at the general meeting);
  • is updated on the activities and positions of ENL and its association.


An important objective of ENL is to represent the common interest of its members and to create a favourable operating environment. Guardianship takes place in cooperation between ENL member organisations, the team and partners.

See also the ENL public politics strategy.

Development activities

ENL members have the opportunity to participate in various training and development days for ENL members. More information about the upcoming events may be found on the front page on our calendar.


ENL offers member organisations a wide range of counselling to support the activities of associations.


ENL advises on the drafting of basic documents and agreements, helps to interpret documents and laws that affect the organisation's activities, and assists the association in legal matters.

Finance and accounting

ENL helps member organisations to create and design the association’s financial system, advises on the preparation of the annual reports and assists in accounting.

Funding and supporting opportunities

ENL provides information on various funding and supporting opportunities, see more here

Project writing

ENL’s cooperation partners are the county development centres, that provide professional feedback on the prepared projects before submitting them to a potential funder.

Organizing the work of the association

ENL helps member organisations in document management and staff policy, organising trainings (for example, information about trainers).

Youth policy

ENL consults and in some cases can directly assist a member organisation if its goal is to have an impact on a public authority on an issue concerning young people.

Interaction with the media and communication

ENL aids member organisations in media communication if necessary and offers consulting in the field of communication.

Spreading information

ENL member organisations may broadcast information about their activities and events in various ENL’s information channels:

  • ENL’s newsletter, homepage and lists; 
  • ENL’s Facebook and associated Facebook pages;
  • introducing your organisation free of charge at educational fairs (e.g. Intellektika) in the ENYC’s stand;
  • consultation and support on media communication by ENL
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