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Who Is a Member of ENL?

The ENL’s membership is flamboyant and diverse:

  • The associations operate in a number of different fields of activity. The key words are youth work, non-formal education, youth policy-making and representing the opinion of young people.
  • The fields of activity of the associations are various: environment, (non-formal) education, health, religion, minorities, information technology and equipment, arts and culture, entertainment, business and economy, charity, dissemination of worldview, representation of young people’s interests at local level.
  • The associations include schoolchildren, students, employed young people and adults.
  • The target groups of the associations are schoolchildren, students, employed youngsters and NEETs.
  • The associations operate at the local, county and as well as national levels. In addition, several organisations are represented on the umbrella organisations of Europe and around the world.
  • The period of activity of the associations is between a few years and twenty years.
  • The number of members of the associations is between twenty and a few thousand.

ENL Membership Statuses

Candidate memberFull member
Description of the
- a non-profit legal person engaged in working with youngsters or youth work
- at least 10 members; at least 2/3 are young people up to 30 years of age
- period of operation of at least six months
- youth councils without legal personality
- a non-profit legal person engaged in working with
youngsters or youth work
- at least 10 members; at least 2/3 are young people up to 30 years of age
- period of activity is of at least one year
Becoming a full member- it is possible to become a full member:
at the time of admission, one has had the status of a candidate member of ENL for at least six months
Participation in the general
- the opportunity to attend the general meeting but without the right to vote- the obligation to attend the general meeting and has the right to vote

ENL Member Organization

  • Participates in ENL’s general meetings. A full member participates itself or, exceptionally, authorises another member organisation to vote on its behalf at the general meeting of ENL. The full member shall ensure that the representative is aware of the issues to be discussed and is prepared to speak along. It is important that the representative follows the views of his / her organisation and discusses the views of his / her organisation on relevant issues.
  • Mediates information between his / her organisation and ENL. The member organisation regularly provides ENL with information about its most important activities and changes in contact persons, and informs its members about the participation opportunities that are taking place and offered in ENL.
  • Send its representatives to ENL events (discussions, meetings, workgroups, seminars, trainings, Christmas party and birthday, etc.) whenever it is possible.
  • Based on the specifics of your organisation, ENL provides an input and ideas on topics concerning young people via your organisation. If it is possible to influence the laws concerning the lives of young people via ENL, the opportunity cannot be missed.

Why Join?

Joining ENL opens up several new opportunities:

  • Guardianship
    ENL offers guardianship to youth associations and participatory assemblies both at the national and local level.
  • Network, cooperation and contacts
    Almost 120 youth organisations (youth associations and participatory assemblies) are involved in ENL to a greater or lesser extent, operating across Estonia and involving thousands of young people in their activities. Via ENL, one may find new and useful
    partners either for a single project or for a longer period of time.
    What is more, ENL has cultivated cooperation partners at the level of ministries, the parliament, local governments, other networks and NGOs. With the help of ENL, the problem statement of so many member organisations finds a greater resonance.
  • Organisational development
    ENL offers its members various development programs, trainings and seminars according to the needs and interests of the members.
  • Counselling and support in daily work
    ENL advises its member organisations on financing issues, public relations, marketing and advertising (it is possible to spread information in ENLs information channels). Counselling in the field of youth policy (legislation and youth policy development). Plus, ENL provides assistance in document management, legal and financial matters.
  • Discounts on the services and products of cooperation partners
    ENL has several cooperation partners (accommodation, catering) of which services may also be used by member organisations more conveniently than usual.
  • Help with spreading information
    ENLi member organisations may broadcast information about their activities and events in various ENLs information channels
  • Foreign projects
    Through ENL, it is possible to take part in foreign projects, trainings, seminars, youth exchanges and find cooperation partners outside Estonia as well.

How to Become a Member?

Prior to applying, familiarize yourself with the operation and activities of ENL and take a look at what ENL offers its members. As ENL’s documents can only be read in Estonian, please get into contact with our team (enl@enl.ee) when having problems understanding the texts.

1. If the association meets the following conditions:

  • is a non-profit legal entity engaged in youth or youth work;
  • at least 10 and at least 2/3 of the members are young people up to the age of 30;
  • the association has been operating for at least six months.

2. Fill in the form, which you will find here.

3. Prepare a statement to the Management Board of ENL, to which is attached:

  • an extract from the decision of the management board or general meeting on the wish to join;
  • statutes of the organization;
  • a valid extract from the organisation’s register.

4. Forward the signed documents to ENL:

  • electronically to our CEO sillekadri@enl.ee or
  • on paper to Estonia pst 5a, 10143, Tallinn

The received documents are reviewed within one working week and then the first feedback is given and an appointment is arranged. The decision on ENL membership is made by the Board of ENL.

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