/ Opportunities for Ukrainian youth

The Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) is an umbrella organization that unites youth organizations and participation groups operating in Estonia. We mapped out the organizations that are part of international organizations and other organizations that would be happy to involve Ukrainian young people in their projects. 

Estonian YWCA-YMCA is a well-developed democratic organization to integrate russian speaking inhabitants to the Estonian society and to act as information centre for local associations. The Estonian YMCA office welcomes Ukrainians who would like to use the office rooms for holding meetings, sharing information, language courses, etc. with free internet and resources.

Web page: www.ymca.ee
Address: Tallinn 10119 Roosikrantsi 11 Swiss house II korrus A lift 
Contact: Ene Roos ene@ymca.ee 5093115
YMCA camp: www.rannapungerjalaager.ee Tea Kuus tea@ymca.ee 5101650
YMCA Tamsalu Youth centre: Tuuli Lindre tuuli.lindre@mail.ee 56903556
Saaremaa YMCA campsites Anu Konks konksanu@gmail.com 56359520

Active Estonian Youth (European Youth Parliament in Estonia) is an organization active all over Estonia founded and managed by young people. Our primary goal is providing civic education and opportunities of self-initiative to Estonian youth, on regional, national and European levels. We are currently communicating with the EYP’s Ukrainian board and Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish organizations’ boards. 
Contact: info@ten.ee
Web page and social media:

Estonian Scout Association is a national youth organization providing non-formal education for young people, which is a part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. 
Contact: info@skaut.ee 

Estonian Reform Party Youth (Reforminoored)
The most influential political youth organization in Estonia. Reforminoored connects over 5000 young people from ages 14-35 who want to promote individual freedom and liberalism.
Email: info@reforminoored.ee
Contact: Doris Lisett Rudnevs +37253305440

JCI Estonia
JCI is a global non-profit organization for people aged 18-40. JCI’s mission is to provide developmental opportunities that empower young active members to create positive change. JCI members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, but they all share the same values. JCI is also operating in Ukraine: JCI Ukraine – Украинская палата международной организации молодых лидеров и предпринимателей, партнер ООН.
Contact: Triin Pajumaa jci@jci.ee
Facebook: JCI Estonia – Eesti Ettevõtlike Noorte Koda
Webpage: www.jci.ee

The European Law Students’ Association
Contact: secgen@elsaestonia.org, Moon Lokk
More information: https://www.facebook.com/ELSAEstonia/ 

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